Thursday, January 31, 2013

Episode 4: Addressing the Soft Tissue Around the Knee

This is something that ALL OF YOU NEED TO BE DOING!  Watch this video, and add these self-massage techniques into your toolkit BEFORE you end up with some overuse knee injury.  The repetitive stress of running can create tension/adherence of the tissue surrounding your knee (especially the ITband and the end of your quad).  Get some.


RM said...

Tom's doing his best Lisa Turtle impression. It's "The Sprain!"

Andy said...

Aaaaay Tom Stott, how often and when should we roll? Only when we're feeling tightness/pain or after every run (or just hard workouts)?

Crush em.

scotty doesn't know said...

classic reference RM

Andy: great question! I'd start by rolling after each tempo session/hard effort (track) and long run. Hopefully, this will keep you feeling fresh for your easier run the next day. I would suggest you roll EVEN IF YOU AREN'T SYMPTOMATIC. Remember, we're trying to prevent injury. :) Send 'em Andy.