Thursday, October 4, 2012

Help for 3 Hours on Saturday

I realize the prospect of spending time with me on a Saturday morning is pretty lame, but I really need some help on Saturday!

The race is at Cromwell Valley Park, so exit 29 off of 695. Probably about 20 minutes from Canton. The race starts at 9am and is a trail 10k. The field is small, I anticipate just over 100 people. I would aim to be there around 8, and as soon as we've finished timing, we're out.

It would be helpful to have 2 people with me, but could probably get it done with 1. If you can help, PLEASE let me know today (presuming you're reading this on Friday, the race is tomorrow). If you are able to help, I'll drive, and breakfast is on me afterwards.

Thanks in advance!


RM said...

Big big thanks to Mellow Mike who came up with me to help out today!

Dan said...

yea Mellow Mike!