Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunday Run

T & I will be running the BWI loop on Sunday at 8:00am.  Loop is about 11 miles.  Pace will be kept easy at 7-7:30+.  *Place to meet is the Thomas A. Dixon Observation Area (type it into google).  There is not much parking here so drive together if possible.*  Let me know if you'll be joining us as we attempt to get into shape.

* Parking location has altered - we will parking at the Northrop Grumman lot off of 170/Aviation Blvd.  Take 195 and EXIT 1B to the RIGHT.  Lot will be quickly on your RIGHT hand past the "security".
** A competition will be held to see if we can complete a loop by foot prior to Melissa & Arjun completing 2 loops on bike.


RM said...

What, nobody wants to drive out to Cambridge and do their long run there? I'll be running 7:30+ so it would definitely work out.


cheese said...

ryan, i'll give you a maybe for joining you in your long run.

Dan said...

Although the runners may have "won" the competition, I don't know that we can really claim victory over a pregnant Melissa, and Arjun on that horrid device he was passing off as a "bike." I like that the rear derailleur cable was frayed so badly that the metal pieces actually rub against the rear wheel spokes.

Thanks for the run though, it was hot out there, and company is always appreciated!