Sunday, June 24, 2012

Olympic Trials: Men's 400m

LaShawn Merritt, Tony McQuay, Bryshon Nellum Will Represent the US

That means NO JEREMY WARINER. The former would-be successor to the Michael Johnson seemingly unbreakable 400m World Record will not compete in the Olympics, after finishing 6th in 45.24.

But Wariner's loss is someone else's gain, and after the display McQuay put on at NCAA, I'm sure he feels good about his chances against the world. Merritt won fairly big, 44.12 to McQuay's 44.49. Merritt interestingly had the worst reaction time of the field.

As we discussed on The Runaround this past week, this is a down period for the 400m, an event America has historically owned. Even our 4x400 team, which presumably may contain Wariner as an alternate, seems fairly weak.

Results (

1 LaShawn Merritt Nike 44.12
2 Tony McQuay Florida 44.49
3 Bryshon Nellum U S C 44.80
4 Josh Mance Unattached 44.88
5 Manteo Mitchell Unattached 44.96
6 Jeremy Wariner adidas 45.24
7 David Verburg George Mason University 45.36
8 Brady Gehret Penn State 45.48 0.219

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