Friday, June 22, 2012

Maggie Vessey: A Tribute

Today's Moment of Maggie:

We'll be watching as Maggie Vessey attempts to make her first Olympic team in the 800m. It's definitely a stacked field and she comes into the race with the 5th fastest time this season (among the field). With a field that includes Alysia Montano, Alice Schmidt, Geena Gall, Molly Beckwith, and others, it's a long Road to London for Maggie. In the meantime, you're welcome for the picture, and also this link to an e-magazine feature on Vessey.

UPDATED 8:07pm: Maggie Vessey finishes 2nd in 800m qualifying heat, moves on. Her time was 2:03.31. #TrackTown2012 #Eugene2012

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JAR said...

What's with the socks in this picture?