Thursday, June 21, 2012

How We Do

Fortunately I got to the bulk of the results over the weekend because most of the races were on Saturday, but there were a few on Sunday so here we go:

Father's Day 8k (Bullseye Running)

Less than 24 hours after winning the Baltimore 10 Miler, Dave Berdan was back at it, this time finishing 3rd in 25:49. His first two races of the year and he puts them back to back - beast! Tristram Thomas took 4th in 26:42. Tristram, in case you didn't know, is leaving us soon to head to the riva bello of Italy. I Google-translated that, it means beautiful shore. I didn't know how to pluralize it, and I also don't know if he'll be near the beach. But anyway, TT is at least making sure he backfills his position, so he's been actively seeking replacements. After the race he chatted with runner-up, Kent Pecora, who is moving here later this summer and we hope to see him come out. This comes just a week or two after TT met Charles Larsen, who is back in the area, and won the GBMC Father's Day 5k. Nobody can replace Tristram, but hopefully these two guys can take up some of his speed.

Georgetown Running Company Father's Day 8k

Our friends down the highway once again hosted their annual Father's Day twilight event on the towpath, and had over 200 people finish so I'd say that's a success. Dustin Meeker and Ed Aramayo went 4th and 5th in 26:47/26:52 or something.

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week

There were a number of impressive performances this weekend, with atypically nice weather yielding faster-than-normal results at Baltimore Ten Miler, and our PDAW this week comes from that group. Terry Decker, who celebrated his 30th birthday just days prior, ran another ten mile PR and continues to go faster and faster as he prepares for the marathon this fall. Cause that's just how we do.

Oh, and who noticed MAGGIE VESSEY responding to my tweet, thanking me for "thinking of her"? #MaggieVesseyIsHot #TeamMaggie

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