Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Workout Wednesday

For anyone that wants an alternate workout time at the track this week (particularly those that might have not yet recovered from the short 5 and 10k's at McVets) feel free to meet at the Loyola/Hopkins track on Wednesday at 5:30 PM. Carly and I will be there taking on some 1k's. Note that the Falls Road "Ladies Night" track session starts at 6:30 PM so we want to be as close to clear of the track by that time as possible.


Dane Gallagher said...

Hey Amy

Do these workouts take place every Wednesday night? What kind of workouts do you usually do middle to short distance sprinting? Thanks a lot!


RM said...

To answer your question, Dane, the Ladies Night workouts (6:30pm, 33rd Street Track) take place every Wednesday through the summer; the workout Amy posted about specifically is not necessarily a Wednesday night thing. Our weekly organized track session is on Tuesdays, however, if people raced on a Sunday or need an extra day of recovery, they'll typically look to push their workout to Wednesday. That's what Amy was doing this particular week, but not sure if she plans on making it a regular thing.

If you need to get in touch with Amy, feel free to email me at runbaltimore@gmail.com