Monday, May 28, 2012


Nate Brigham DEFINITELY knows how to post videos to Facebook.

Nate went Rajon Rondo on the Vermont City Marathon, running a spectacular 2:31:48 to finish 6th in the event on Sunday morning. The morning after Nate's Celtics won their game 7 matchup against the Who Cares, Nate went out and made magic happen. Earlier in the week, with forecasted temperatures expected to be a little warmer than ideal, Nate said his plan was to go out "chill" and just eat the dead alive on the back half. One of Nate's goals this year was to get his swagger back, and sho nuff, he definitely did that. YA HEARD.

Note: eating the dead, or Reverse Zombieism, is not endorsed by TWSS or its affiliates.

Nate's time ranks him 6th on our all-time list now, and is hands-down the performance to beat for Performance of the Year in December. Way to go Nate, and as if there were any question, you earned this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Also up at VCM, Jake Marren, who hasn't run a marathon in a few years, ran a spectacular 2:49:11 for 26th.

MCVETs almost 5k and almost 10k were the weekend's big races. Brian BG Godsey snatched up his first W in Baltimore in a while, running 15:42, ahead of Tristram Thomas in 15:57. Then it was all ladies, as Chrissie Ramsey finished 1st, and 4th overall, in 17:14. Liz Laseter and Carly Page rounded out the podium, and then it was Sara Breedlove, Denise Knickman, and Amy Horst. Great time for Carly, easily a PR, and Sara B likely as well.

In the 10k, Tristram was back, and this time he wasn't taking 2nd as an answer. Andrew Jaffe tried to rub elbows with TT for a bit, but Tristram proved too strong, and cruised to the win in 33:43, ahead of Beef in 34:45. Marc Malott was 4th in 35:48. Then it was Meg McNew with an awesome win in 38:04 - even if it was short, still a big time PR for Meg, who races Grandma's Marathon in a few weeks. Megan DiGregorio gritted out a tough race on post-marathon fitness, finishing 2nd in 39:55. Big D took 3rd in 41:47. PJ Anderer ran a solid PR of 43:23 for 25th, noting that last year, Fat PJ ran 10 minutes slower. Kevin Frick finished at 44:18 after running the 5k with his son.

Elsewhere in America on this Memorial Day weekend:

Ben and Kendra Ingram ran Bolder Boulder 10k. Ben was 72nd in 35:12, Kendra ran 1:05:05. Not bad for a race with 50,000 people!

Dave Berardi was 10th (18:04) and Alyssa Doyle 7th (20:34) at the Remembrance Run 5k in Columbia.

Matt Augustin posted a 21:51 5k at Jeremy's Run 5k in Olney - good to see him back in the results! One of our O.G.s.

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Brian Godsey said...

I meticulously mapped the MCVET 5k course and it was almost exactly 5km, tangents and all. At least one Garmin had the 10k course at 6.21mi. Unless someone else has [legitimate] contradicting evidence, it looks like Charm City and MCVET did a good job measuring this year.

So, everyone can feel extra good about their fast times on a non-short course with a couple of little hills and exactly zero net elevation change!