Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Runaround Makes it Big!

By now most of you have at least heard of the hottest new radio show on the airwaves.

No, not Casey Kasem, Kris, but rather The Runaround on ESPN, brought to you by Running Maryland (and their main sponsor, Holabird Sports).  It's a weekly show on ESPN 1300, for runners, by runners, and today made the "Week That Was" after interviewing Stanford standout, Chris Derrick, on their 4/8 show.

Indeed, the team of Brad Jaeger, Greg Jubb, and Louis Foudos have created a great program, unlike anything out there today.  It's an hour long radio show...about RUNNING.  They really do a terrific job with it, and if you're not already listening, Mondays from 5-6pm, you need to start.  You can listen on a regular radio, or online.  And if you miss that, the sessions are filmed and posted on after the show.

As I saw first hand, it is not easy work.  A lot goes into making each show, from arranging interviews, to the production, to the copy, and especially to the procuring of sponsors.  Radio shows like this are not free to produce!  In order for them to keep getting sponsored, make sure you show your support by listening, spreading the word about the show, and, if you're so compelled, sending me or Greg a message about how much you like the show.  ALSO, if there's anything you'd like to see (or hear) on the show, let them know! 

This coming Monday, Brad will be LIVE in Boston!

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