Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hot in Beantown

This is the sequel to the hit Nick-at-Nite television show, "Hot in Cleveland," starring Betty White.

According to circulated reports, due to the anticipated weather conditions for Monday's race, the B.A.A. is allowing runners to defer their entry to the 2013 race, provided they pick up their packets this weekend and do not take part in Monday's race. This may be helpful to some, as the qualifying standards become harder for next year. Assuming everyone of our folks is still racing, just be smart about your effort and you'll be fine.

In other news, at today's Loyola/Hopkins Invite at the 33rd Street track, Ed Aramayo used his monster kick from 300m out to overtake 2nd and 1st, winning the race and cutting 2.3 seconds out of his previous PR. Ed ran 3:56.99 for the win, while Tristram Thomas took 3rd in 3:57.76, a season best. Arjun Majumdar was a little off his game today, running 4:17, and Tim Burns wasn't feeling it either - he ran about the same time. Congratulations on the great racing!

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Carly said...

Best of luck Boston runners!! Have fun, run fast!! Most importantly, be safe.