Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dustin the Wind

Down at Clyde's 10k this morning, the great event put on by Howard County Striders, it was former local standout Kyle Stanton coasting to the win in just over 32 minutes, with Carlos in about 32:40.  Dustin Meeker took 3rd in 33:35, like Lt. Dan, he "had no legs."  Sara Breedlove finished in what looked to be the top 10 in 41:15.  Tonya McCarter was there looking good too!

At yesterday's Hopkins/Loyola Invite, the guys bombarded the 1500, with mixed results.  I commented that Ed Aramayo didn't look like he had "it," but was gladly proved wrong, as he moved from the pack around 2nd and into first in the last lap, winning the race and cutting 2.3 seconds out of his previous PR by running 3:56.99.  Tristram Thomas, who had led for a while, finished in 3rd with a season best 3:57.76.  Arjun Majumdar and Tim Burns, in separate heats, finished at 4:17.20 and 4:17.84, neither having their best days, but getting it done.  In the women's steeple, Liz Laseter took 3rd with an 11:31.89.  A few of the GRC women showed and had great races in the 5000m as well, props to them.  And of course a big shout to the Hopkins and Loyola Track teams for putting together such a great event!

Saturday saw the return of Chris Nowakowski, who won the St. Charles 10 Miler in 57:10, and it also ushered in the triathlon season, as OJ Keller posted the fastest swim of the day en route to a 4th place finish at the Rumpus in Bumpass International Triathlon.

Today at the Fairchance 5k at American U, Tom Stott was not given a "fair chance" to earn a W as the guy who was in the lead with a mile to go (about 30m ahead) was misdirected and finished at 15:50, while Tom finished 2nd in 18:31.  Who knows what could have transpired... Patty Stott finished around 24 minutes, working on her pacing. 

Up in Boston, where apparently they have never experienced heat before, Meg McNew jumped in the B.A.A. 5k, running "around 18:30" as she prepares to spectate tomorrow's race.  In local action, Darcy McDonald took the win at the Women's 5k by the Bay in 17:24, while Megan DiGregorio finished in 2nd at 17:42 (great time!).  Denise Knickman finished 7th in 20:15.

At the Red Shoe Shuffle 5k downtown, Andy Thivierge took 5th in 17:47, validating his Shamrock result, and at the Blue Jay 5k, which due to construction was closer to 3 miles, Liz Laseter doubled back from yesterday to take the win in 18:56, while Karen Menge finished 7th in 21:54.  STACIE WENTZ ran, finished 33rd in 24:50.  Pete Mulligan paced the St. Louis Marathon to a T, running 4:13:xx.

Many great races, but I won't send out the email tomorrow with a PDAW nomination until after the Boston Marathon tomorrow, as per tradition.  Also, be sure to plan to be near a radio or computer at 5pm tomorrow as I once again grace the airwaves on The Runaround.

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