Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can't Nobody Do It Better

All this indoor track reminds me of 2008!  Sadly, it was a return to the PG Sportsplex for Ed Aramayo, Chris Snyder, and Arjun Majumdar, on Saturday, to waste their day watching little kids run 400m races for 3 hours.  Yes, 3 hours of quarter miles.  Ed set the tempo in the mile, before stepping aside to allow the other two to go through.  Chris took the W in 4:36, Arjun was 2nd in a season best 4:40, and Ed rounded out the top 3 in 4:42.  Later, in the 800, Arjun took the job of pacesetter for Ed, bringing him through the 400 in under 60 seconds.  Ed ran even splits of 29.x, 30.x, 30.x and 30.x, but finished just outside of 2:00.

Saturday morning was the Du Charme Invitational at Dickinson, where the competition was about as stiff as a good Frosh/Soph meet in NJ circa 1996.  Becky Parks was doing her coaching duties when she decided to run the 5000m, an event nobody on her team was entered in.  Becky ran amazingly even splits of 6:16, 6:16, 6:18, and cruised into 3rd place at 19:37.70.

Saturday's road event was the re-re-rescheduled Lewis Memorial 10 Mile prediction run out in Frederick, where PJ Anderer ran 1:15:47 to finish 16th.

On Sunday, sneaky Meg McNew cherrypicked a nice little victory at the Nobles Mill 5 Miler, a RASAC event in Harford County.  Her time is solid though, 36:25, so she should be pleased.  She's also running a ghastly amount of miles lately.

The Howard County Striders held their annual Penguin Pace 5k on Sunday in chilly conditions.  The route is expectedly hilly, but that didn't stop a sell-out number of runners from competing.  Joel Gladfelter found himself in 2nd place to the multiple-race-per-weekend Karsten Brown.  Joel ran 18:13, it left him feeling kind of "meh."  In the women's race, Christa Wagner took 5th in 20:43, faster than she ran at Baltimore 5k in the fall, and seems to be fired up now for Club Challenge.  I can't wait!

Our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Arjun for his terrific mile race and rabbiting duties, while Ed earned the NOS Button Award for punching it at the right time.

Tonight we'll be at the track, and it's another beaut of a day.  I have a suggested main workout of a fartlek run, starting at 1 minute, building up to 5, coming back down, in one minute increments.  The total of tempo running will be 24 minutes, with a minute recovery in between each effort.  Alex will be doing 400 on/400 off, Tristram is doing 10-8-6-6-4-4 or something like that.  Dusty is doing his workout tomorrow, as are Ed and Arjun.

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