Friday, December 2, 2011

Input Needed

Time to make democracy work for YOU!

We need some input on the following things, you are welcome to put your thoughts in the comments, or shoot me an email:

1. Awards Night, Sunday, December 11th, at Falls Road Running Store.  The past few years we have always held this event on this Sunday, at the Store, and we provide pizza and drinks and stuff.  The Ravens play at 1pm that day (at home), I know the World Champion Packers play at 4:15.  We usually hold this event at 5pm, when the store closes, and it lasts about 2 hours.  I always try to accommodate the most number of people, but also realize that it's never going to work for everyone.  Let me know whether you're able to make it or not so I have an accurate head count.

1a. On the subject of Awards Night, if you have any cool stories from your year of training or racing that you would like to remind me of, OR you have a story about one of your teammates that I should not forget, tell me!  Additionally, if you want to nominate anyone for an award, do that too.

2. Singlets.  We need to get new ones.  We have tossed around a number of ideas, but we are looking to get something that is more unified.  The ones we have now are a mish-mash of colors and brands.  The things we need to discuss are what kind do we want to get, paying for them, design.  So put on your thinking caps.

3. Weekend Long Runs Through Winter.  It makes it much easier to get through the winter with scheduled long runs to look forward to.  Obviously not all of us run the same distances, or speeds, but we are trying to come up with a meeting place each week, and then a route of 12-14 miles that everyone would know ahead of time, and then ways to add on for those who need to go longer.  We'll probably organize one, maybe two trips down to Club Challenge course, and rotate a few other meeting spots.

4. CHERRY BLOSSOM lottery is open.  This isn't typically a race any of us gets particularly pumped for, other than Zero (#8 straight!), but if you're planning on doing this one, let me know and maybe I'll enter a team if we have enough!


Christy said...

1. Dec. 11th awards night works for me.

2. Jen Koshy- I got robbed last year! That booty award belongs to me!

3. Just kidding Jen- your derriere is phenomenal.

4. But seriously Ryan, if I'm not in the running this year . . .

Seth said...

4. I am planning to test my luck in the Cherry Blossom lottery. Should I wait and resister as part of a group if we're fielding a team?

Andy said...

1. I plan on attending, my girlfriend may come too (I am trying to get her to come to track too).

2. My old running club in PA had nice brooks singlets, with logo they were like $20 each. I will ask how they got them when I see them at Brian's Run this weekend. (an example can be seen in my pictures from philly marathon bib 1288 and bib 46)

Christy said...

5. Andy, I will be at Brian's run. See you tomorrow.

Dustin said...

I'm giving serious consideration to running Cherry Blossom. Fielding a Falls Road team would be great fun. Please let me know if you are interested. GRC and HoCo usually field teams at Cherry Blossom, so it gives us an opportunity to compete against other serious regional clubs.

As for singlets, I'd love to see us sport a uniform that is manufactured right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. I've identified a company called Soark that produces low-cost running apparel in Kansas: Quality and comfort are a concern since most of us have never encountered this brand. If others are interested, I propose that we request a sample singlet to examine.

Meg said...

1. Dec. 11th is cool with me.

2. I am equally fond of Chrissie's and Jen's asses. In a purely platonic way, of course.

3. I was planning on entering the lotto for CB this year, but entering as part of a team would be way better. Should I hold off?

4. Go Saints!

THE KRIS said...

2. whilst i appreciate both the winner and runner up from last year, i have been lobbying since june and fully expect to win this year.

3. i also wouldn't mind not racing in the oldest singlet in maryland.

4. i am interested in cb, and will await further team info.

RM said...

Your words have been HEARD!

I will send out in tomorrow's email instructions for Cherry Blossom. If you have already entered the lottery, no worries, but if you have not, we have until December 9th so I will enter a group. And probably also contact the race directors to make sure our group gets in.

I discussed Dustin's singlets with Pete the other day, when we have Awards Night this week we can discuss more.

Awards Night will be a GO for Sunday December 11th, so information will follow in tomorrow's email.

There are a few people in the running for Brita Grothe Best Ass Award. Last minute pleas and bribes will be accepted this week, so make sure I see what you got going on before voting closes!

Terry Decker said...

1. I should see everyone Sunday night for awards night and hopefully I can drag Molly along too.

2. My ass isn't that bad, just sayin'

3. I'm also entering CB this year, just haven't signed up yet.

4. Neon-(BLANK) is always a good color for a singlet, just so we stand out.

JAR said...

I'm going to be in town this weekend, so I'll plan to see you all at the "Awards Night"!