Wednesday, November 30, 2011

That Shhh Cray

With all those Turkey Type Runs, Trots, Gobblers, and Gallops, there was a lot of racing going on from California to the New York island.  Well, actually, more like Concord, NH, to Omaha, NE.  And down to Outer Banks, and out to Chicago, and Connecticut to Corning.

Here's the local stuff first.  The ringers came out of the woodwork for the Towson Turkey Trot, with some really quick times being put down.  Our very own Steve Levin, absent from racing for what seems like years now, ran 17:29 for 11th.  New Becky Parks, once again relegated to 4th, ran a 19:52.  At the Falls Road Gobble Cobble 7k...4 mile...6k, Denise Knickman retained her title, while Dave Ploskonka finished 14th, and Michael Rady finished 30th.  Christine Trzcsinki was 7th among women. 

In PA, it was a Stott-Simms reunion at the Tel Hai Turkey Bowl 5k.  Kris Simms, Tom Stott, Patty Sweeney-Stott, and it looks like even Haleigh Stott participated in the race.  Results should be posted sooner or later.  In Concord, NH, at the Galloping Gobbler 4 Mile, Nate Brigham took 3rd in 21:51.  Down in the Outer Banks, Terry Decker (8th or 9th, 19:23) and Molly Eagen (25:07) ran the Gobbler 5k.  Lisa Ievers once again ran the Pie and Glove 5k in Corning, NY, running 19:23. 

In his first race as an Omaha resident, Ben Ingram made it clear he's here to compete, winning the Joslyn Castle Turkey Trot 5k in 16:30.  As I have now been corrected by two huge nerds, I incorrectly referred to Warren Buffett as the Wizard of Omaha when he is really the Oracle of Omaha.  So guess what Ben, see if any of us pays attention to your results from now on, if you didn't like my creative nickname.

Now that he lives in Seattle, chances are low that we'll ever see Kyle Smits again, but I remembered that he usually does the Pequots 5 Miler in Connecticut, where his wife's family is from, and I guessed right.  He finished 7th in 27:23, and will be out at Club XC Nationals next weekend in Washington - so while none of us is running, GRC guys can look out for him!

At the Palatine Turkey Trot, Arjun Majumdar opted for the 2 mile race, and finished 7th in 10:50, thereby establishing a team 2 mile road record!  Melissa Majurridar ran the 5 miler, and finished 16th in 37:12.

The NCR Trail Marathon and Relay took place on Saturday, and Dan Miranda ran 3:01:56 for 16th.  A disappointing day for him, but at least took the sting out of the previous weekend's Philly attempt.  He's written his thoughts about it on his blog.  Kevin Frick ran 3:15:40 and Brian Benda finished at 3:36:53.  In the relay, Jackie Truncellito was on the winning co-ed team, and 2nd place team overall, in 3:01:58.  Emily Keyes was on the 6th place co-ed team in 3:31:18. 

The last result from the weekend was Kevin McGrath, running the Navesink Challenge 15k in 1:16:00, a full 4.5 minutes faster than he ran last year after getting back from Chile!

I had awarded the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week to Ben for winning his first race in his new city, as it's his 4th city in 4 years.  But now I'm regretting it.  PSYCHE.  Ben informed me, though, of some bad news: he and Kendra were going to come out for Celtic Solstice, but he's got to fly out here the weekend before that to take a final exam, and CS weekend flights were really expensive, so he will be unable to make it.  So if you're around on the 10th, try to check Ben out as he may briefly come up to Baltimore during the afternoon before heading to the airport Sunday morning.

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