Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hangover III

Start the New Year off right with a Sunday long run. Several of us plan to depart Gilman at 11:00AM. If you are interested in forming a pace group, coordinate with others or post below. There has been talk of a group brunch after the run.


RM said...

I will be at this run. I plan on running at least 2 hours, we will probably aim to do a 90-100 minute initial run before those going longer head back out.

Re: eating after. Just read that obviously a lot of places are closed or not performing at normal hours tomorrow, and the other ones are likely to be very crowded. We may need to brainstorm this one on today's run.

c-rad said...

This article starts as a brunch buzz kill, but goes on to offer hope by listing a few places that are serving brunch new year's day. Anyone know any of them? (I know Slainte' - impartial about it. I also know Sobo Cafe - not a huge fan, also not very convenient for most since its in Fed Hill).