Thursday, October 6, 2011

Post Baltimore Festivities

Kris and his roommate, Donna, have graciously opened their home to a post-Baltimore Marathon celebration a week from Saturday (October 15) from 3pm on.  Here's how the conversation started:

9:52pm, on Tuesday

KS: Is anyone having people over after Baltimore?
RM: Nope, don't think so!
KS: Well that's a food thing cause the peeps can head ro 712 park ave baby!
KS: Hi rm. Its Donna.
KS: D is a lil tipsy('er body get tipsy). Party at ours post b-more.
RM: Hey Donna! A party sounds good
DG: Hi. This is the real donna. And btw the Kris is most likely wrong.
KS: I think I owe one to the running peeps for helping us move.
KS: Email me. And we will work our the details.   Mmmmwha RM
RM: Dude you don't owe anyone - that move was so long ago! But a fun party is always cool.
KS: That's he troof, kid.
KS: That's d who thinks we owe...I just think it could be fun.
DG: Oh honey. It's ok. It will be all ok.

Since all has been assured to be ok, a party it is.  Rules of parties:

1. Don't be lame.
2. Bring something to share
3. Seriously, don't be lame. If you have a bad race, don't bring it with you!

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scotty doesn't know said...

this brought a huge smile to my face - way to truly capture a magical moment via text (i assume) so that you may share with us here :)