Friday, October 7, 2011

Marathon Mania!

It's late notice, but let's get some guesses going for Chicago Marathon winners and winning times this weekend!

Post in the comments section or send me an email if you want to play along. 

An elite athlete starting list, complete with personal bests, can be found here

The men's race features a number of <2:08 guys, including the very naked Ryan Hall (ESPN: The Magazine's Body Issue) and Moses Mosop, who both recorded blistering times at Boston earlier this year.  The women's race, meh, whatever.  Either way, make your top three picks (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and winning times for each gender.  I'll keep track of them and declare a winner after the race.

We will then use this to catapult ourselves into the NYC guessing game in a few weeks, and then can do Boston in the spring.  If you play in all the games we can have a series winner after the Marathon Majors are done. 

Cheese is also running, so if you think he is capable of upsetting the top guys and getting the win, you're welcome to write his name in.


c-rad said...

(1) B. Worku [ETH] - 2:04:57
(2) R. Hall [USA]
(3) J. Chelanga [KEN]
(4) E. Aramayo [CHZ]

(1) M. Mejdoub [MAR] - 2:21:13
(2) L. Shobukhova [RUS]
(3) C. Daunay [FRA]

RM said...

Conreezy, interesting you mention Malika Mejdoub...

She is a quasi-local. She lived here for a while and I exchanged emails with her, she barely spoke English so it was tough to communicate. She was part of the east Baltimore-Moroccan contingent. But it was weird, sometimes she would have these AWFUL performances - almost like maybe someone else was racing as her and just doing bad (side note: foreigners have been known to do that, when one athlete possesses a visa and another does not, to earn some dough).

She ran a 1:15 a while back and has had some good performances this year.

I think on the dude's side, Hall falls outside the top 5. I just don't see him having it.

pat said...

Ched wins! Ched wins!

pat said...

Ched wins! Ched wins!