Friday, October 21, 2011

NYC Announces Elite Field

NYRR just announced its final list of elite competitors for the November 6th event.  It is...insane.  Both the men's and women's races should be hotly contested and very exciting to watch (unless you happen to be running the race, too).

Super Mike Wardian was profiled on the USATF site.  I appreciate this quote: "I like to race anything, but I like to race against the best people.  What matters to me is competition."

Competition is why we're out here.  In the end, times are mostly arbitrary.  Courses vary in difficulty, accuracy, and the day's conditions, but competition is constant.  Now, most of us have time goals, and work towards them, but every once in a while don't forget: it's still a race.  It may also be a little easier to race competitively against rivals you're familiar with than a random drawn from a race of 45,000 people, but you can always find a reason to compete against an individual.  Race them because they're wearing headphones, or dressed as a superhero, or because you're tired of hearing them breathe.  Try it this fall!

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Dart said...

I'll throw her under the bus... DH made the sub-elite Corral at NYC. Nice work Diane!