Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

I don't know how Brennan Feldhausen even found this event (Oktober Lauf Fest Half Marathon), but it gave out pretty much the sickest swag of all time.  Not only was his finisher "medal" some kind of wood-whittled whistle, but his award for winning the event is this:

Pretty freaking sweet.

Races were limited this weekend, it seems as if nobody wants to put on races other than marathons in the fall.  The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Hunt Valley was the day's big event, not only by size (reports of 32,000 were scaled back to 23,000) but also by virtue of being televised.  So, at 8 o'clock in the morning, I was able to watch Dave Berdan get the victory (15:29ish) with a quickly-getting-into-shape Greg Jubb in 2nd about 20 seconds back.  Also on TV I spotted Jake Marren, who is just happy to be running again (he ran 18:10), and Lillian Pinault, who finished with a PCPR of 20:35.  Kelly Ort also ran, finishing 3rd in her age group.  Of course, results will likely never get posted, because this race is not about results.

Just down the road about 2 miles, at Oregon Ridge Park, the Dustin Bauer Memorial "Run for Life" 5k took place.  I thought the times seemed slow, and then was informed that it is a cross country run, up and down the hills of OR on the grass.  The times then made sense.  Rory Jenkins, former FRRS employee/lived in Alaska for a while, got the win in 17:30.  Jon Miller finished 13th in 20:03 (I inadvertently credited him with the time of 12th place previously) and PJ Anderer ran 22:28 for 32nd, which he was pleased with the day after a 14 mile run.

Saturday was the Princeton Running Club Invitational (8k XC), where Alex Waldt the young helped his Maryland team to a 2nd place finish, as he finished 3rd in a time of 27:20.  Great work dude!

This led to our decision for Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, and as he has been super impressive of late, not even just running fast or getting wins, but his on-air presence when being interviewed ALL THE TIME, this week's honor goes to Dave "the teacher from Garrison Forest" Berdan.

In other news, Meg McNew, with her NFL pick of the week Cleveland Browns, improved her record to 2-2.  This week, she's upping the ante.  Not only has she provided us with her pick (Kansas City Chiefs) but she has provided a line (-10).  They play the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night.


pepperjackb said...

Last year at the Bauer 5k I ran something like 24 minutes, so the 22 felt good this year. Now let us never speak of it again.

Dart said...

Is it possible to add a "vote" button (or something of the such) to agree/disagree with Meg's POTW?

RM said...

No, it's not possible, that's why it's called Meg McNew's pick of the week.

However, if you'd like, we could do like the Asbury Park Press and have three people's picks for the weekend. I think they make a pick on a specific game, but I can't remember.

Dart said...

haha! You moderate the blog - so up to you. I was getting carried way - let's keep it simple

Meg said...

We can talk next week, Joel. I accept bribes.