Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas

If today's weather is any indication of what we're in store for this winter, wake me up in April!

But, hard weather breeds champions, and today we have seen four winners so far.  Ed Aramayo won the Kids Peace Trick-or-Trot 5k in Canton, in an off-season time of 16:30.  Andrew Beef Jaffe was third in the race at 17:10.  Brennan Feldhausen was going to do the shorter walk with some co-workers, but opted instead to run and finished 17th in 22:58. 

At the St. John's Run in the Valley 5k, we had legitimate SNOW.  It was way worse in the County than it was here in the City.  Colder, snowier.  The race course was a scenic trip up and back on Belmont Road though, and the gentle rollers broke up the monotony.  Enticed by my post/email from the other day, Eileen Fleck came out to claim her bounty, but was thwarted by even later-comer, Megan DiGregorio, who showed up super late and looked really tired.  Meg D took the overall victory in 20:01, with Eileen at 20:22 in 2nd overall.  Later, Lillian Pinault came through, walking with some friends.  It was not the type of day I would have wanted to be out walking.

The race was in its first year, and race directors Paul and Kelly Ort did a fantastic job hosting the event.  It's a shame about the weather, as it undoubtedly kept the numbers lower than they otherwise would have been.  But, I would recommend this one for next year, as it's a good fall 5k to do.

At the Miles for Megan 5k in Towson area, Lee DiPietro won the women's race, and was third overall, in 21:53 (I suspect it was long).  We haven't seen her name in results for a while, so it was great to see this one today!

Today is also Dave Ploskonka's birthday, and he celebrated by winning the Halloweeny 50k in spooky Burkittsville, MD (site of Blair Witch Project fame).  Of course, it was a "fat ass" event so there aren't official results or anything, but according to the internet, Dave must have worn a costume.  A great way to celebrate turning 30 today.  His plans to run tomorrow's Fire on the Mountain 50k were washed, er, snowed, out, when they had to postpone until next weekend.  This also impacted Meg D, Meg McNew, and Pete Mulligan, who were all slated to run tomorrow. 

So that basically just leaves tomorrow's Marine Corps Marathon (#36thMCM if you're following Twitter), with Emily Hurley running that.  I'll be down there, but will not have my phone on me so there won't be updates until after the race.

Side note: Remember how Skeleton Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) lives in Halloweentown, but is all about Christmas?  Well that's the opposite of me.  I wish I lived in Halloweentown.

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