Monday, October 31, 2011

Annapolis Half-Marathon

Active's Schwaggle (stupid word) is hosting entries to the Annapolis Half Marathon. The race would only be $49 through this deal.


RM said...

Schwaggle is a real stupid name, kudos to their marketing dept.

Active is the [expletive deleted] devil.

$49 for a shitty race still makes it a shitty race. Oh wait, sorry to Dustin/Tristram/Vince/potentially C-Rad who are all planning on doing this one...

cheese said...

how do you know it's a shitty race when this is the inaugural year for it?

maybe i'll go bandit it

RM said...

Because it's in Annapolis...haha!

Actually I don't mind racing in Annapolis. It's not going to be a "fast" course, but it will be scenic and enjoyable to run.

Ed you should come out to AZ and bandit that with me!

Pete Mulligan said...

No, Ed, stay here in Balto that weekend - bandit the Kids Fun Run at the Zoo Zoom with me.