Friday, September 9, 2011

I-95 NB Travel will be slow all weekend near Susquehanna Bridge

On-going bridge inspections this weekend on 4-hour increments will shut down the Northbound I-95 traffic of the Tidings River Bridge over the Susquehanna (the one at Exit 89 right before the Toll Plaza) for 10-15 minutes a pop. It's going to really back shit up. Then it will open and you'll stop again for a toll. Then some more in Delaware.

No worries, I'll detour to US-40. Nope, the US-40 bridge over the susquehanna is also going to be shut down for up to 20+ minutes on 4-hour increments.

Okay, I'll take US-1... Nope, it'll be closed too. The dam will be openning all 52 flood gates of the dam and when that happens it's a shut down of all traffic. Apparently, the flood levels are nearing Agnes of '72.

Be safe traveling. If I were you, I would cancel travel plans to points north east. My hometown in Northern PA got bombed and massively flooded, and it's all traveling down stream.

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c-rad said...

That damn dam. Thanks for the heads up.