Wednesday, August 31, 2011

York White Rose 5 Mile

This race has always been one of the fastest, most competitive races of the fall, offering money 5 deep and no longer attracting the same level of foreign talent (as they are no longer comping their entries).  Berdan will be running it, and asked me to post this for anyone who might be interested:

The event is October 22, 2011 at 8:30am.  We pay out for top 5 places M and F.  We are also incorporating a team competition this year.  There is no additional cost for registering a team.  The scoring will be x-country style based on the team's top 5 finishers.  The award goes to the top overall team, which includes bragging rights, a traveling trophy and 5 free registrations for 2012. 

Early registration goes through August 31 and is $10 w/out a shirt.

If anyone is interested, speak up in the comments or shoot me an email.  It would be pretty cool to field a team and take a W.  That time of year is generally pretty quiet, it's after Baltimore and the weather should be reasonable.  It's also not terribly far.  Let me know.  Link to the race website is in the title.


cheese said...

i'd be coming off of downtime, but could be convinced to go if we send a team and need another body

fbg said...

I'm interested, but there are a couple of ifs: (1) if I can stay uninjured and (2) if I can be around Baltimore at that time. Basically, just keep me informed and we'll see how it turns out.