Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gwynns Falls Train

I know a number of us have been using this path more and more over the past few months so I wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that portions of the Gwynns Falls Trail are currently closed.  Joel & I were doing a workout on it this morning and came across trees that we had to crawl under, climb over, squeeze between along with wires down on the path before ultimately hitting a spot that was not able to be overcome even by Mr. Deer Killer on the Side of the Road - Joel Gladfelter.  If you had plans to run this way I would alter them as I doubt this will be a big priority of the city in the coming days/weeks.

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Dart said...

Agreed, the GFT was fun to run on, but you can really only go about 2.5 miles out from Carrol Park before it's a safety hazzard.

But if you go to the NCR trail, beware that deer do cross the trail and don't give a shit if Brennan is running at tempo pace only 2 feet away. Yeah, he almost got steamrolled. I wish I had had my mallet.