Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saturday Long Run

To those who did not make the cut for my e-mail earlier:

What: Long Run
When: Saturday 7AM
Where: NCR Trail - Mile 0.0
Distance: 14-16 Miles
Pace: EASY.  Although I'll be putting in 2x2 Mile @ Tempo Pace (5:45) at some point.
Note: We won't be on the NCR trail the whole time.

Let us know if you are going to be there - however, we won't be waiting past 7 to start.


RM said...

For those unfamiliar, mile 0.0 is NOT the main parking lot off of Ashland Rd or whatever it is. You have to go into the neighborhood (make a right where the road curves) and then go to the end of it. There are but a few parking spaces there, so carpool if possible.

Dart said...

I'll be going to the run. Leaving at about 6:15 from downtown. Let me know if you want a ride.