Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Larry Noel Greenbelt 15k

I mentioned this at FHR last night, but wanted to put something on the blog about it.  Here are the details:

What: Larry Noel Greenbelt 15k
When: Sunday, September 4, 5:00pm (yes, evening)
Where: USDA Ag Center, Greenbelt, MD (next to College Park)

This race has been around for a while, and the roads are great to run on.  In speaking with Garrett about the event, proceeds from the race will go to the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, a non-profit organization that he is involved with.  They provide support for impoverished Ethiopian girls training to become runners.  Garrett is closely connected with this organization and has let me know that if they don't reach 100 pre-registered runners by Monday, August 22 (next Monday) the race is in danger of being canceled. 

I realize the event is on the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend, but if you're going to be in town, I encourage you to consider it.  Registration is relatively inexpensive for the distance ($30), and you can quite easily make it into your weekend long run. 

In other race news, Tristram received a message from the McDaniel College XC coach about their September 10th home invitational.  They have a 5k event as well as a 3k event.  Registration is just $5.  You'll get to go head to head with some college runners, and it's a pretty fun event.  Doug Ripley usually does it as he went to school there I think. 

And finally, in trying to plan the RM Classic, the date we have been targeting is Sunday, September 11th.  A few people have inquired as to the time of day that this race may be run.  Do we go with a morning race, or a twilight one?  Then the discussion came up yesterday about possibly putting it on September 10th (the Saturday) and doing it as a twilight race.  This would enable people to do things afterward, and still get their long run in on Sunday.  So, if you have any input (if you plan on running it), post in the comments or email me.


Dart said...

For selfish reasons I'd like to keep it on the 11th (morning or evening is fine). I will be racing the Western MD half that morning, and heading to Po-dunk PA for a wedding that evening. Unless the race starts at like 9pm, I wouldn't be able to make it back in time.

I have to keep the RM memorial, along with the RM classic streak alive.

Dart said...

* The half and wedding are that saturday the 10th