Tuesday, August 16, 2011

anybody going long?

hey fellas/ladies - any thoughts on a long run this saturday?



RM said...

Not a comment on a long run, but commenting on some of the things that have brought people to the blog this week:

molly may tibbitts (seth, is this a relative of yours?)
terry decker triathlon
"we're talking it up on the barry gibbs talk show"


Dart said...

Tom, I'll keep you posted - I may race a 10k Sunday morning, in which case I wouldn't go long on Saturday. I won't decide until probably Friday, to see how the legs feel after the BRRC meet #3 tonight.

Seth said...

Oh no, I was going to name my daughter Molly May some day...thought it was available.

No doubt, whoever did the search found my race times far more interesting than this Molly May anyway ;P

THE KRIS said...

i have to run real early, so if you're interested in patapsco at 6.30, let me know.

Dart said...

I'm a no go for Saturday. Going away for the day