Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rockville Twilight 8k - getting there

So, the ICC is open to traffic and is tolled, so it'll probably cost your E-Z pass about $1.50... but it's reliable and totally NOT TRAFFIC CONGESTED!!! Reliable travel = worth $1.50. DO NOT SPEED (SPEED LIMIT 55). Cops will nail you for certain.

I-95 South
MD-198 West to Burtonsville
Stay on MD-198 & it becomes MD-28
Exit to the right onto MD-200 (ICC) West
MD-200 to I-270 S
I-270 Exit 8, MD-28 East (West Montgomery Ave) to downtown Rockville

Should take about 65 minutes this way from downtown

Comments welcome


RM said...

F*** 55mph

95/295/270 shouldn't be more than an hour. I'm sure the ICC would be less time, but driving 55 gets you

Dart said...

Just an option.. I just know when I did it before I got on 495 and the dc beltway moved like 15mph... that was nowhere real slow

fbg said...

Cue Sammy Hagar?