Friday, May 6, 2011

Who Let the Dogs Out

Who, who, who, who-who?

Great turnout of racers and spectators tonight at the 3rd Annual Maryland Twilight Meet, I think we were actually the largest "team" of people running!

Women's 1500m got things kicked off, with Diane baiting the Maryland twins into her trap and dropping the hammer with 300m to go to earn the victory.  Her time (4:42.51) was a little slower than last year, but hey, winning is winning.  Meg D was hanging on, ultimately finishing in 4:57.72, which is probably a few seconds faster than her equivalent flat mile from a few weeks ago at Westminster.

Men's 1500m was real interesting.  Tristram took the race out and sat on the front for a little over 2 laps as GRC guys Hanson and Wiggy were on his heels.  They overtook him, but he stuck to them like glue to the finish.  He set a season best 3:56.31, and that's the the 2nd fastest time (behind Berdan's 3:54 from a few years ago) ever for our group.  Ed came through the half in 2:07, but faded a little over the second half to finish at 4:06.73.  Arjun finished real strong, making sure he beat a few of the dudes in the heat, running a 4:14.70.

The evening's real event was the Alumni Mile.  Finally this year boasted a larger, and more competitive field.  Our little pack up front of Conrad, Dougie, Prada, Tom Stott and myself came through in 2:25-2:28 through the half, before Conrad rolled us, finishing in 1st at 4:47.12.  Dougie ran 4:52.74, and Prada ran a strong last 200m to finish at 4:56.99.  Tom, just a few days off a marathon and flying back from the WC, had one of his best races to date, finishing at 4:57.86 (about 5 seconds faster than 2 years ago at Alumni Mile).  I had one goal for myself, and despite having 4 clocks confirming a sub 5 effort, I got hosed where it counted - the official results.  5:00.11, can you believe it?  I had 4:59.6 on my watch, Pat had .66, Alyssa had .7 and Brad Jaeger had .9.  Bummer.  Bobby Van Allen, who thought he might not break 6, ran a 5:32.05.  I'd say that's pretty good. 

It was a nice trip to CP, a good warmup and a nice little cooldown through North Woods, where a rave was going on.  Then some crappy food at Plato's crappy Diner. 


Meet at the Majumdars House (if you don't know where it is, ask)
We can probably start congregating around 6pm. 
The race will have a post time of 6:30pm tentatively.
Following the event, perhaps we can look to grill - either way there will be some kind of dinnering going on (whether we order pizzas, whatever.  I will post more info about this)
BYOB.  You just need 4 beers, but that's for the race.  If you want to drink more beers after, bring those as well. 

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