Friday, May 6, 2011

Kennett 5k/10k on Sat 5/14; prize money; anyone interested?

Just wondering anybody interested in driving with me from Baltimore to Kennett PA (90min drive) next Saturday 5/14 to run this race? The race is at 9am.

If you haven't raced it before it looks like good competition: $500/$300/$100 prizes in both events, winning times last year for men/women around 31:30/35:30 and 15:00/17:30.

I can likely get my hands on a car we can take, but having some company and some sharing of driving would be very helpful and appreciated.

-Garrett (if anyone is interested, email me at


RM said...

PRE Registration ends tonight at midnight (

This is a really good race, Kennett is a dope little place. Of course, caveat emptor - Cheese thought he'd go up last year and cash out, and ended up 4th. The 10k is quite competitive as well.

About 75 minutes from Baltimore, easy enough drive.

I am not able to make it - but to those who may go, race well my friends

Garrett said...

Just fyi I have decided not to run this race, due to I don't want to drive that far and back by myself. I will race the Capitol Hill Classic 10k in DC on Sunday.