Friday, May 27, 2011

Baltimore 10 Miler Post-race Celebration?

This just in: I (Ke$ha) will be going to San Francisco for 2 months (unless for some strange reason I become completely miserable) this summer. I will be leaving 2 days after Bmore 10 Miler. Now, I will definitely not find as cool of a group to run with there, but I'm sure it will be fun... and hilly.

Anyway, I was thinking since a lot of people would be around after Baltimore 10 Miler, I could get to see a lot of you to say bye for the summer! Unless you want to pay the airfare to visit me in San Fran. So, I'm giving you all a heads up super early in hopes that we can all have some drinks after the race before I leave for the west coast.

Bmore 10 Miler is on a SATURDAY which means we can party hard afterwards and leave me feeling like I left on the proper note. I'm open to places to go, but I assumed Fed Hill or Canton, naturally. Also, for those who witness the debacle that was my birthday, I promise to a) show up to my own celebration at a decent time and b) not be a (drunk) glass case of emotions.

Mark your calendars: June 18th!

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