Friday, April 29, 2011

Winter Runner Rankings

The newest issue of the Washington Running Report arrived yesterday, and mentioned a number of you guys - a couple of pictures, and some movers and shakers showing up in the rankings:


5. Alex Battaglino

50-54 MEN

2. Dave Berardi


7. Denise Knickman
13. Diane Heiser

40-44 WOMEN

1. Denise Knickman

There is a photo of Chrissie winning the National Half, and you spot a glimpse of Garrett on the line at Shamrock 8k in DC.  They also published the top 50 runners from the region (DC, MD, VA) at Boston:

20. Seth Tibbitts
25. David Ploskonka
39. Will Knox

16. Suzanne Hurst
49. Meg McNew
50. Carly Page

Results from a few other events: Colonial Half Marathon (Sean McCarthy, 10th); Bull Run 50 Miler (Dave Ploskonka, 10th); Port to Fort 6k (Garrett, 1st; Dusty, 3rd; Ed, 4th; Meg McNew, 2nd). 

Here's what they wrote about Denise for topping the 40-44 ranks:

"Denise Knickman revitalized her year getting faster as the season went on.  She had a near perfect time winning six of her seven races.  She finished second overall at the RRCA Challenge 10 mile in 1:03:50 - what an improvement compared to her 1:08:05 in 2010.  This quiet but fierce competitor even broke into a smile when congratulated about her time.  Then she pressed on the next week in Salisbury, winning it all at the Tim Kennard 10 Mile in 1:03:09."

Great job all of you!  That's the highest I've ever seen Denise ranked - I'm sure she's popped into the open rankings before but 7th is great, and 13th for Diane is terrific.  Alex's 5th is also real solid.  The ranking period is from November 15-March 3 (so National didn't count in here)

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