Saturday, April 30, 2011

Matt Jablonski Wins Penn Relays HS Mile

Matty Blaze pulls off potentially the biggest win of his young career, winning the High School Boys Mile Championship at the Penn Relays on Friday evening in the fantastic time of 4:10.37. 

What's more amazing is that he was in 4th place at 1400m, and overtook the three competitors ahead of him to win by the narrowest of margins - .01 seconds - over Chad Noelle, the youngster who has managed to clip Matt's wings the last few times they've raced head to head.

(We're unsure who took this video, the finish line is on the far side of the track so it's hard to see the end - but look close and you'll see an awesome finish!)


Dart said...

BEAST MODE!!! Way to go Matty Blaze!!!

Schmidt said...

I like how I don't even know the guy and I already know the outcome of the race, but my heart is pounding out of my chest as I watch it.

Way to go dude, phenomenal race!

RM said...

Ryno - Matt has been running with us for the past 4 summers at track. He went from being pretty good to in-freaking-sane. He will be running for Oregon this fall. Dude's got wheels, that's for sure!