Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Many Of It Is Us

"How many of it is us?" ~ one hoodrat to another, inquiring as to the size of their group for seating purposes at the Crab place in the Harbor.  Overheard Monday night by Pat and myself.

The weekend was fairly quiet, as expected with Easter on Sunday, so there weren't many performances, but here's what went down:

Steve Wancowicz ran the Mt. Penn Mudfest 15k in PA, one of his favorite events, finishing in 1:21:15 for 80th.

The Morgan State Legacy Meet was an absolute Clinic on "how not to run a track meet" - if you've heard the tale, then you know.  Combining two heats of the men's 1500m so they could get the meet moving along, putting 23 people on the line (one of whom - Arjun - was literally on the infield).  They miscounted the laps.  They botched the times.  So we don't even know how fast the guys *actually* ran, as we think the times they posted are wrong, possibly by as much as two seconds.  But nevertheless, Ed Aramayo ran well, Dustin Meeker ran his first 1500m since college, and Arjun Majumdar had a reasonably solid race, given his infield start.

And down in Florida, at Jaylen's Challenge 5k, (cousin) Emily Brown and her husband, Bryan, ran PRs, finishing 4th female/11th overall, respectively, in 25:28 and 26:00. 

Since Boston fell under the realm of this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, the honor was bestowed upon David Ploskonka for his amazing Boston performance.  And, since I forgot to shout out LAST week's PDAW, that went to Kris Simms for his Westminster Mile/Pike's Peek week.

Before I forget, here are two great articles for you to read:

This one tests your knowledge on some distance running history.  See how you do, and discuss in the comments.

And this is an article about our own Matty Blaze Jablonski, written by our own Greg Jubb (for Running Maryland) and videos by our very own Louis Foudos.  Great job guys!

Good turnout at the track last night, thanks Dusty for the workout suggestion - it was challenging!  Of course, more challenging was being burrito-blocked once again.  Our dining choices are seriously killing me!  York Rd Chipotle proved just as bad, if not worse, than CVC.  At this point we may as well just go to get burgers somewhere (perhaps Pat's suggestion of Alonso's)


RM said...

Just taking a look at some of the traffic sources for the blog, i.e. how people arrived at it. Here are some of my favorites for today:

maggie vessey hot (this is a popular one, as it shows up all the time)

"pass the guacamole" (hilarious because there are only a handful of people that would even recognize what this is from)

jen koshy
steve wancowicz (that's pretty creepy that people are googling you!)

alyssa said...

Must be because JK is now an ultrarunner! LIKE A BOSS she completed ~37.5 miles in the Grand Canyon last Friday. I can honestly say these were some of the toughest miles I've ever run, and she stuck it out like a champ.

///MM said...

...or cause JK has students who try to figure out her real age (not 100).

///MM said...

and my favorite "overheard on the harbor" was some girl telling her friend "I tell she how pretty you is!"