Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Challenge a "Cheese Challenge" Challenge

5 hr (or) 300 min
5,000 m
5,000 #
5,000 ml
5,000 cal
5,000 m

I challenge either Saturday May 21 (first preference), or Saturday June 4, with a 12:00 high noon start.

As typical with any fight, we will need an official weigh in... suggestions for time/place? We need an "official scale". Not a digital step on it thing. We need one like at the gym, with slide bar weights. I propose Friday night at 5:00pm, 24 hours before the "end" of the challenge. This gives a true measure of the destructive nastiness we're going to inflict on our bodies.

* 1 rule is not certain. I completely agree that any puking is an auto Dis Q... but what about an accidental spill during the last 5000m? I mean, that's going to be insane holding it in. Still, I vote there must be no up-chuck allowed until the post weigh in.

Also, I think entry submissions should be required, including food choice (and proof of calories), beverage choice, and an actual "official signed waver". This event seems like one of those stories we're gonna hear on 20/20 about how the fraternity kids hazed their pledges by making them drink 2 gallons of water & they die of Hyponatremia.

Are you cheese enough?


fbg said...

I want to participate some time, but I won't be back in your country until late June, so I'll participate vicariously. What's that rule I heard about the beverage needing to contain calories? I would be opposed to such a rule, but if there is indeed such a rule, it should be clarified.

RM said...

It's not like these rules were handed down by Moses, Ed made them up. The calorie-beverage excitation is that you can't drink water; whatever you drink's got to have some calories to it. In CC1, Cheese and Arjun drank G2 (low Calorie Gatorade piss).

Also, I like how Brian is apparently not a US citizen anymore as he won't be back in "our" country until June...ha!

I will not be participating in this event anytime soon, particularly not the day before Columbia or the week before Eagleman, but have at it. I'd be very interested in seeing Joel do this.

Actually, I think this event is almost more fun watching one person have to time trial essentially. Like when Brennan did 24/24/24, we were all there to help encourage and motivate him, but ultimately it was he who was doing the legwork.

Dart said...

Sorry BG - yes, calorie water. Crystal light is low in it!!!

Definatly the 21st of May if I go solo...

I must consult the panel to verify my food choice. I would assume the panel is this blog?

Dart said...

However, I think carbonation is critical, in digestion of the wickedness of the binge

cheese said...

as per the original cheese challenge, the food/calorie selection has to be approved by melissa. we didn't have a weigh-in for simplicity sake, we just used the honor system.

i'm out of town both weekends, so i won't be able to remind you on the spot how much you're underestimating this challenge.

Andrew Jaffe said...

for the 5000#, is it just holding enough weight and doing a lift enough such that the sum of weights*reps = 5000 lbs?

what were some foods from last time?

RM said...

I wish I could "like" Ed's comment - freaking awesome.

Beef - it's lifting 5000 pounds of one life, correct. I think it had to be upper body (so no leg things, like squats or whatever). Arjun and Ed did bench. I think it's fair to say it should just be bench press.

The foods from last time: Ed originally wanted to eat oatmeal creme pies, but Safeway didn't have any. So he had to go with Swiss Rolls (really bad choice). Arjun went with 1.5 supreme pizzas from Mikey's, an establishment near his house.

Dart said...

Bench is good with me. I have a gym, but if someone has it in their house that would make it easier

I hear you Ed. It's going to be nearly impossible. But I'm giving it the college try.

I'll email my food of choice to Melissa.

RM said...

life = lift, sorry

Meg said...

I threw up in my mouth a little bit just reading this.

Andrew Jaffe said...

Could one eat 5000 calories of mixed nuts?