Friday, April 1, 2011

Federal Hill Parking Reminder

Here is your yearly reminder (Pat).  Make sure you are careful where you park when going to Fed Hill Runners on Monday nights.  The Orioles play at home on 8 Mondays this season.  Many streets will have your car ticketed and towed.  It will be easy to remember this Monday with it being Opening Day, but say June 6th when we play the Athletics it may not be on the top of your mind.  Check the schedule and check the signs where you park. 

I look forward to seeing you at the Yard this season!  Go O's!


RM said...

Psyche y'all, this is just an April Fool's Day prank. You can park wherever you want, whenever you want, all over Fed Hill (and all other parts of the city).


pat said...

It's really awesome when your car gets towed because it gets relocated to and unknown location and not taken to the impound lot. What's even better is that they do not put it in the system for 2-3 days so you don't know if your car has been towed or stolen.

alyssa said...

THe O's are always on top. Of my mind.