Tuesday, March 8, 2011

False Alarm!

Thanks to Kris' attempt at registering for the Westminster Mile race last night, it prompted me to get in touch with the president of the WRRC to find out if we could squeeze in a few people.  She came back and said that there had been a typo in her registration page that closed registration prematurely.  I hate when that happens.

In other words, we are good to register for the race, BUT if you are thinking of doing this, as it's only $9, you may want to do that sooner than later!


cheese said...

i just went on and saw the 700-person limit, but registration is open. sign up at

NOTE: no race day registration!

THE KRIS said...


RM said...

RM is all sorts of registered for this race. 144 foot drop over the course of the mile. Course records are:

3:54.6 (1988) Todd Ashley
4:32.9 (1987) Maria Pazarentzos

As we know, all records from the 80s are probably fake due to the propensity of performance enhancing drugs, BUT

If anyone is capable of setting a course record, I will once again offer some kind of incentive for this tremendous achievement.

alyssa said...
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