Sunday, March 20, 2011

Denise Rocks Shamrock Marathon - 2:56:03

Denise Knickman finishes 8th F at Shamrock Marathon, 2:56:03.  She came through the half in 1:27:11.  Word is that the temp was low 40s and it was VA Beach windy.  Regardless of her age, this is a remarkable performance, but the fact she's in that masters' category now - it is unbelievable. 

Kelly Meier ran an incredible 1:41:13 at the NYC Half Marathon.  I didn't watch the race online, but I heard it was an insane finish with Galen Rupp pushing Mo Farah and Gebre Gebramariam to the limit.  Rupp finished in 3rd at 1:00:30 (nice debut half marathon) with Farah taking the W over Gebramariam in 1:00:23.  Ryan Hall, who presumably had Jesus on his neck-uh-lace, ran a tremendously disappointing 1:03:53.

I'll post the other race results as I hear them!


alyssa said...

I think Denise is a great example of the Tibbitts Tidbit: works.

That being said, perhaps one day I would even consider making my return to the circle.

I mean oval.


Collin said...

Did you guys see Galen's splits? His 5ks were 15:05-14:27-14:04-13:53. This kid has the potential to run well under Hall's 59:43, especially if it's on a flatter course and if the lead pack doesn't do the first 2 miles above 5:00 pace. Rupp basically only trained for this for a couple weeks anyway, so that makes it even more impressive. Speaking of Hall, he needs to get his act together. The self-coaching "do whatever I feel like today" plan is terrible for someone trying to run sub-60 and sub 2:06.

RM said...

re: Denise. Denise has been a regular at TNT for a long time, and while she certainly had the background and race resume prior to joining up with us, she continually pushes herself to overachieve. Anyone who has seen her do the workouts knows she'll go on the fast group interval even if it means she's getting virtually no rest. She is a machine.

Re: Galen Rupp and Ryan Hall. When you have confidence, you run well. Look at how our American track athletes have been doing lately - because they believe they can compete at the international level. They probably don't miss TNTs very often. Hall has lost that loving feeling, he needs to hop up out his bed and get his swag on. As far as I know, he hasn't suffered any major injuries. He loves God and that gives him strength. He has a slamming hot wife. He needs to get his head right and get after it. Running 3 minutes slower than the top 3 of this race is not something that should be acceptable to an American record holder.

Dart said...

Great work Denise, atta way!