Thursday, February 17, 2011

"It's a Great Day to Be a Honky"

"It's a great day to be a honky" ~ two urban youths running alongside Pat, Brennan and myself on Pratt Street on Friday night

While every day is a great day to be a honky, I can tell you that the weekend (yes, the one that was like 5 days ago) was a great weekend to be an indoor track athlete!

3 new team records were set, and it's not quite over just yet. On Thursday night, NYRR hosted Thursday Night at the Races. The theme was 70s, so they blasted jams from the disco decade all night. Ed Aramayo ran the 2 mile, finishing 2nd in a team record 9:33.4. He was all alone again, unfortunately, caught in between 1st (9:21) and 3rd (9:43). Garrett Ash was 10th in 10:07.2. If you get the magazine Running Times, give it a read this month and check out the article on Running Across Borders, which is the non-profit Garrett and a friend started. I was not aware of it prior to reading, so it was a great read.

(Additionally, Lee DiPietro was awarded Honorable Mention honors in the rankings for Masters athletes for 2010)

At the University of Washington Open Meet on Sunday, Julia Webb got out fast, coming through the mile in 5:10. She was in the lead, but got passed, and tried to stay in the race. Ultimately she finished in 9:48.59 (roughly a 10:28ish 2 mile) and took 3rd.

Down in Chapel Hill, Tristram Thomas jumped in the UNC Invitational Mile, where he was Wreckx-n-Effect and took 2nd in 4:21.49 - another new team record, usurping Ed's 4:23.84 from a few weeks back. Super impressive.

On the roads, or I suppose more appropriately, the trails, Dave Ploskonka returned to action, running the Holiday Lake 50k in 5:22:50.

That made the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week a hot contest, but in the end, Ed backed his 8:54 3000m up with this great 9:33 2 mile and that was really great, so he earned it.

We had a KC Masterpiece Award as well, which went to Barf/Jarf/Jorf for going out on Sunday and marking the 2nd half of the Club Challenge course. I just hope everyone remembers what the course is a week from this Sunday! We have probably the smallest team we've ever brought, and I don't expect it will get much larger. So everyone is going to have to run their little heart out in order for us to defend our title once again!


alyssa said...

I am having a great debate in my head right now on honky vs. Honkey and if the plural is 'ys' or 'ies.'

fbg said...

When do any words like that end in "ys"? And when are any capitalized? Problem solved.

Seth said...

Both are acceptable spellings but I prefer honkey, like donkey. Honky makes me thing of the verb honk. With honkey, I think of Ryan.

RM said...

My concern is that I would spell "honeys" like that instead of "honies" because that word looks weird. So I just applied that to honky

Dart said...

I love our blog

fbg said...

I guess I've never tried to write "honeys"/"honies", since they both seem weird to me. I see that spell-check, though, has just underlined "honies" (there it is again), so apparently that's wrong. (Also spell-check also underlined "spellcheck" until I changed it.)