Friday, February 18, 2011

Club Challenge FULL

Club Challenge is now CLOSED.

If you didn't register in time, sorry, but there's probably nothing I'll be able to do for you. While I don't anticipate there will actually be 800 people out there on race day, they said they have reached their cap. Totally crazy, I know, but guess it's become a popular race!

For those running, there are many people all coming from similar areas so try to carpool where you can. The parking situation could get tough this year with so many people registered. I will not be organizing carpools but can help put you in touch with others who may live near you. I can tell you that the Snake Hill Bandits (SH4L) will be rolling together.

Following the race I'm sure people will want to get cleaned up, etc, but quickly following getting back we will be heading to Kisling's for hang-out time.

Important note: this is for WINNERS only.


cheese said...

"The RRCA 10M challenge has reached its entry limit and registration has closed."

alyssa said...

"May the best team win! Go Howard County Striders!"

.....F YOU!

(whoa, sorry...)

Dart said...

i agree alyssa. whoa, sorry they should be saying. F them

RM said...

Now guys, we don't need to resort to curse words such as, but not limited to, "F"

We have now been fortunate enough to win the overall team title two years in a row, and have an excellent opportunity to make that three in a row.

If I had been the one to send out the email they did, it's entirely likely I would have written it as well (replacing HoCo with TWSS).

remember, someone is always watching...