Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wrong Turn!

This is a terrible mistake. I mean, the guy should have been able to see the finish line but I'm sure he wasn't quite in the right state of mind at the very end of the race. ...and we were upset by poor markings at the PHUNT "race."

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RM said...

I'm pretty sure, using common stereotypes, we can all figure out why he didn't see the finish.

But seriously, he looks pretty cooked. We've all seen the footage of Ironmans gone by that have resulted in people unable to control any of their faculties. Sometimes you just push your body beyond what it's able to do. It's actually pretty incredible.
Plus there is no guarantee he would have won necessarily, they were close to the finish but there were a couple of dudes.

Johnnie Cochran said...

Judging from the ceremonial sashes, this was more than just a marathon, this was an Ekiden. This means he not only lost the race for himself but for his team. This is Seppuku status.