Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Raise Your Glass

I'm finally getting around to wrapping up our 2010 stuff and putting together our 2011 items, so you'll notice a few things:

1. 2010 Spreadsheet (results, etc) has been moved to the Archived Results section on the lower right hand side of the blog.
2. 2011 Spreadsheet should be up soon
3. The calendar now reflects 2011, so feel free to add your races in. If it confuses you, you can always ask for a brief tutorial.

I have also added a section to the right with the information for the 2nd Annual Columbia Olympics. Let me know if you're having trouble accessing it. I do not like the new Google Docs, as it does things weird (to me).

By this point I trust everyone has recovered from their NYE celebrations, and is ready to hit the ground running this winter!

Sneaky Pete Mulligan, aka Uncle Pete, doubled up this weekend, running the Father Time Frolic 5M on Saturday and the PHUNT "20k" on Sunday. He predicted his time to be 42:10 on Saturday (he ran 43:18) and on Sunday both he, and his time, took a header - finishing the long course in 3 hours and 9 minutes.

At the Resolution Run 5k in Patterson Park (1/1/11), Joel Gladfelter set the year's early mark for the top 10 list at 17:37 (9th). Soon-to-be Baltimoron Andrew Jacobson was 13th in 18:25. Christine Trzcinski made a rather successful return to racing, running 21:33 for 7th place among women, and Beth Shepard was 86th in 28:05.

As mentioned in the email edition, the PHUNT Run was not phun at all. Just goes to show, you get what you pay for (there was no entry fee). The 4some of Mike Mashner, Pat McLoughlin, Ed Aramayo and myself thought there was no way we'd be running for more than 100 minutes. Instead, we decided to take 150 minutes (2:28:10, to be precise). We got lost in the first 3 minutes. We got lost at least 4 times, which meant we passed the same people 4 times. I foolishly charged through deep, cold creeks. The mud was not runnable. And we were only doing the 20k. As it turned out, someone's GPS clocked it around 15. Megan DiGregorio has never run more than 12 miles before, so for her to come out on the 2nd day of the year and run 15 miles in absurd conditions was tremendously impressive. Of course Pete ran the 20k as well, and has the wound on his knee to prove it!

In the 50k, or more like 33-34 miles, Alyssa Godesky was probably the 1st female finisher. Nobody even knows. These races are just not even organized. I guess that's why they're popular among the folks that do them, but it was a huge departure from anything we were used to. Anyway Alyssa managed to brave the difficult trails for 6 hours and 20 some-odd minutes. It was nuts.

Of course, the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to the person who I was really proud to see challenged herself in a huge way - Meg D!

For our long run this weekend, we are looking at a 2 hour run at Patapsco on Saturday morning. I'll post again when I have a confirmed time.

January 15th, Saturday, we are going to piggyback our long run on the Columbia Olympics. Which is, to say, run around 8am on the Club Challenge course and then head over to the Stotts.

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