Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who Dat Girl

HURT 100 Live Webcast

6:00pm EST update: Alyssa finished in a shade over 31 hours (31:06) in 2nd place female and 9th place overall. Ryan Schmidt was a trooper.

1:38pm EST update: Alyssa has gone through the 87.3 mile checkpoint at 8:24am local time (1:24pm here). Her current pace of 22min/mi will likely get her into the finish around 30:30, or just past 5pm EST. She has also moved into 8th place overall by a scant 6 minutes. Hard to tell if she will catch the women's leader, but she's not giving up too much ground!

11:28am EST update: "We just saw her off 20 mins ago. My buddy Andrew from out here is running w her now. I'll start running w her in 2 hrs for last 12.5 miles. I'm gonna try to sleep for an hour b4 my run. I've been up all night (but thankfully not running 100mi)" - Ryan Schmidt

Yesterday seemed like an up an down kind of day out in Hawai'i, where the pre-race favorite on the women's side apparently fell and had to drop out of the race. At the time she was sitting in 3rd overall and had what we think was a fairly commanding lead of the women's race. Her first loop was 3:55, while Alyssa came through in 4:48.

For those not familiar, this 100 miler is a "loop" course that is shaped more like a "Y". 20 mile loops taking anywhere from 3:35 (what the men's leaders came through in yesterday on their first loop) to 8, 9, 10 hours.

As of 11am EST/6am Hawai'i time, here's where Alyssa stands after 24 hours of racing:

9th place overall, 2nd place woman, passed the 80 mile mark (so she's on her last lap now) at 23:44:00 elapsed time.

She's going to have to really work now to get under 30 hours, as her lap times went something like this: 4:48, 5:15 (10:03), 5:59 (16:02), 7:42 (23:44). She has worked her way from 23rd early to 9th now, and while her pace per mile has crept up, in her last section of about 8 miles she brought it back down a few minutes. Ryan Schmidt is on course and is updating her Twitter (@alyssatard, I don't know how to use Twitter), and he is sending me sporadic text updates.

Two men have finished, at 22:27 and 23:24. The women's leader is about 50 minutes up on Alyssa, and mostly made that up in lap 4, but anything can happen out there in the rainforest after the 2nd sun!


THE KRIS said...

nice job kid.

Dart said...

You are AWESOME Alyssa!!!