Sunday, January 30, 2011

The most preliminary miami results ever

So I just got word from Miami that our dudes ran super fast today. I am sure Ryan will update this at some point with the actual results, but he said Barf ran somewhere in the realm of a smoking 2:52. Amazing. Z finished the half around 1:20ish and Ryan in 1:21. Seriously fast times for that race, glad to hear we finally had a good year down there! Musta been something in the mojitos :)


RM said...

Z - 1:20:08 (3min PR)
Kevin - 1:39:xx (5min course best)
Ryan - 1:21:49

Joel may have had the best race any of us has ever run. Negative split 1:26:05/1:25:16 = 2:51:21. Considering his half PR is in the 1:24:xx range and his other best open half races have been 1:26:48, that's pretty awesome.

Dart said...

I love how Alyssa labeled "Alyssa Is Pretty"! LMAO!! Sneaky little pretty chick haha! & the race was mab too