Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dusty 2nd at Tropical 5k

Dustin gets the write-up!

Dusty breaks 16 en route to 2nd place. Solid early season race.

Meanwhile, in Houston, Dave Berdan finishes 38th in 1:08:21. The race appeared to be pretty slow all around, but I'm sure it's more than disappointing as he was looking to get under the Olympic Trials qualifying time of 1:05:00.


Dart said...

Seriously watching Dusty was awesome. With less than half mile to go Kevin and I could see the leaders coming at us with the pace car in front. As the lead pack of about 6 guys drew closer we saw Dustin, and realized he was holding a solid 2nd place and about 20-30 yards back of the leader.

At this point I have no self control but to yell Dustin get moving like 100 times a minute at like 150dB. It was 7:45am and anyone up in South Beach was that from the night prior... Sorry locals.

With just under 200 yards to go Dustin puts on a bloody and gut wrenched monster kick, in which his legs were already in full stride, but now had absolutely no heel strike... On top of his toes in an all out burst to the finish trying to break 16min, he realed in the leader in the last 50meters and closed the gap. As he rounded the corner and pulled ahead of me on the sidelines, with a few strides to go I had to bounce over the median and saw the last 3-4 seconds, where from my vantage point they were necking it out. I saw the lean, simultaneously, and had no idea who won from 40 yards behind the line. Running up to the shoot we found out Dustin was photo finish beaten... Like a serious hard kick and a gutty performance.

True Grit Dustin - Great job! Dustin also negative split each mile, and ran just above his PR by a scant few seconds.

And on a side note, thanks for casually jogging with me during miles 6-14 yesterday - that really helped bro!

Dart said...

Oh, and I read the write up via live recording, as Ryan author and Dustin as himself. That was the sickest part.

I think the better part was the post race interview when I was evesdropping and heard the interview. The dude who won was (and is) a legit 800m runner, and was talking about chasing this national record and that record, bla bleewwwwaaee D-B...

Dustin, on the other hand, was like yah, I was shoveling 10" of snow yesterday and having fun racing a fake 5k today because all that's really on my mind is the Everglades trip to go see alligators and learn about snakes breeding a gazillion snakelets each year and trying to stay hetero all at once.

RM said...

"trying to stay hetero all at once"

that about sums it up