Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksmas Update

Hey y'all, we have a few RSVPs in, so we wanted to share the current menu so everyone else can get ideas and decide their contributions. We have....
  • Stuffing - Seth & Adriana
  • Sweet Potatoes - Chrissie
  • Sweet potato maple chipotle soup - Craig
  • Warm fruit thing - Cheese
  • Something delicious - Eileen
  • Deer lasagna - Barf
  • Alex - chili
  • Kip - Kenyan chapatis
  • Avocado spicy strawberry salsa - Tom & Patty
  • Corn Casserole, spiked cider - Arjun
  • Roasted vegetables, gravy - Melissa
  • Turkey - Brennan
Some ideas for other to bring:
  • Green bean casserole
  • Salad
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Appetizers
  • Desserts
  • Rolls
  • Cocktails
So far we have over 30 people attending, so we do appreciate everyone bringing food and drinks to pass as well as letting us know if you are coming. It should be a good time!! Festivities will start around 4:00pm and carpooling is recommended - we have one guest pass and will leave the pad open.


pat said...

Check me off for dessert - I'll bring some pies.

Dr. K said...

Not sure If I'll be there but if I do show up I'll bring this:

Ben said...

I'm sad I won't be there this year - but, at least I won't be able to burn down your kitchen with my sugar cone of fire or pass out on anybody at Festivus.

RM said...

I think a reasonable action for those who plan on going to this is to BYOB...

That way you can bring enough for yourself, and some to share with those around you. This is as simple as a 6 pack or a bottle of your favorite liquor.

Any (if any) leftovers can be carried over to Tank's for the Festivus party.

Jen said...

I'll bring a Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese.

Melissa Bosslet Majumdar, RD, LDN, CPT said...

Tank and visitors signed up to bring mashed potatoes, pies, and green bean casserole. Zero opts to contribute a salad. Thanks guys!

Ben, we will miss you and your sugar-burning/passing-out shenanigans. Will you make it to awards night?

Dr.K, leave that turkey baby at home.

Alex B said...

Count me in. I'll bake up some cookies.

RM said...

Additionally as far as parking is concerned, for those unfamiliar with the surroundings, just park on Ostend, west of Race - there are no restrictions beyond that point.

Ben said...

I'm missing awards night too - but, Kendra and I are planning on running Celtic Solstice.

RM said...

That's my fault - had I scheduled Awards Night for after Celtic Solstice, Ben/Kendra and BG would have been able to attend. But, the Sunday date seemed to have the best response.

Ben can receive his award after Celtic Solstice.

Ben said...

Good - i've been working on an acceptance speech.

Becky said...

hey guys!

Sorry I hadn't RSVPed - my bad! I'd love to bring beer bread if that's cool - I have a mix and it's something I've been wanting to try (in other words, if I show up with just rolls, I f-ed it up). Is that cool?

Meg said...

sorry I can't make it, guys! I would've brought something truly worthy of Martha Stewart.

Dart said...

Due primarily to legistical issues (earlier committment all day on Saturday, and lack of oven space @ the Mujumdars), I may not be able to get a lasagna there warm & baked. In that case, I'll bring deer bologna & cheese/crackers. It probably fits more with the theme anyway. When we have a pasta fazol party w/ Mario & Luigi & Vito I'll bake the lasagna!

Either way, bambi's on the menu tomorrow :)