Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't Touch My Junk

Kudos to Zero for the suggestion for the blog title...paying homage to the new TSA policies

I think I pretty much captured everyone's races in the previous post, but I'll fill out the rest of the weekend.

Our lone champion of the week was Dusty Meeker, who won the Wheeling Turkey Trot 5k in 15:35. After a long evening involving a considerable amount of "cheer," Dustin woke up a few hours later and whooped up on all-comers.

Lisa Ievers ran an awesome 5k at the Pie and Glove 5k in Corning, NY. It was her first time under 20 since college, and she claims a PR with the 19:34 5th place. Awesome!!

My brother and sister ran a 15k in NJ, very hilly - with my brother going 1:20:31 and my sister finishing a little after 90 minutes. This race is no joke and maybe one of these years I'll stick around in NJ long enough after Thanksgiving to do it.

Official results on the Stotts: Tom was 11th in 19:03 while Patty was 22nd F in 24:46.

Joel and now Alix Brusewitz were married on Saturday in a very nice ceremony, which involved the performance of the Joel David Band, but prior to that, the pair ran the Bulle Rock Turkey Trot 5k in Bel Air area. Joel ran a surprising 17:55 for 5th, while Alix walk/jogged with family.

Kyle Smits, DDS, was 7th in the annual Pequot Thanksgiving 5M in 27:13.

So it was a pretty sweet weekend of racing, mostly a big Thursday, and our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week - for the first time this year - is Arjun Majumdar! His race was quite impressive, and he also drove to Chicago and back (as in, he did all the driving, I hear) which always takes it out of the legs.

As you know, the next two weeks are loaded with funtime activities!

1. Saturday, December 11, 8:30am, Fells Point Figgy Pudding 5k. I could use some helpers again to time/finish line at this race! Let me know if you're available for about 2 hours in the morning.

2. Saturday, December 11, 4:00pm, Christgiving. If you have NOT RSVP'd to Arjun or Melissa for their annual potluck gathering, please do that, and also let them know what you plan on bringing.

3. Saturday, December 11, nighttime, Festivus. Annual celebration at Tank's house. Bring booze.

4. Sunday, December 12, 4:30pm, AWARDS NIGHT. At the Falls Road Running Store. Pizzas and bevs will be brought by me. Desserts or alco bevs are cool to bring if you want to bring that. This is another thing you need to RSVP (to me) for as I need to know how much food to bring.

5. Saturday, December 18, morning, Celtic Solstice. If you can volunteer, help out, whatever, let Jim know. Following the race we'll get it cracking somewhere, maybe Kisling's.

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