Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunday Long Run

Godsey doesn't want to run "too early" tomorrow so he may not be coming to this one. I've got to run at 8:30am. I'm coming straight up from DC, so I am okay with braving Patapsco even though I hear it may be a tough run there tomorrow. I am going to try the 11 mile run into the 8 mile loop (at the waterfall going right into it) and then going up Gun or something along those lines. Basically I'd like to get in 1h45m minimum. Anyone not wishing to go as long or as slow as I plan on running, feel free to do your own thing.

If you plan on coming though, send me a text or email to let me know to expect you. If I don't hear from anyone, I can't promise that I will go myself as I may just run in DC or Greenbelt.

If Godsey decides to do this run and someone can take him down there, that would be cool.

Cliffsnotes version: 8:30am Patapsco, 1h45m-ish, text/email if you're coming otherwise I may not be there!