Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celtic Solstice

Damn, what a race!

Dave Berdan - 1st in 25:14, just off his course record here. Said he felt the most comfortable he's ever felt. Finished ahead of Carlos Renjifo.

Dusty - 3rd in 26:13, just off a PR, and he felt real good too.

BG - 4th in 26:36, just out of the money.

Seth - 28:34, insane 2nd half and we awarded him with the on-the-spot PDAW. 9th overall.

Arjun - apparently unleashed a 5:10 last mile to pass Pat and finished 11th in 28:54. Pat was right behind in 13th at 28:57, Old Kris was 14th in the almost-PDAW performance of 29:08. Barf ran insane, PR of 29:40 and 17th overall. Puked at the end. Berardi was 30:12, just ahead of me at 30:18. In the results they show the first place girl with the same exact chip and gun time as me, but placed one spot before me. Anyone who was there saw me beat her, so pictorial evidence gives me the win.

Diane was 3rd place girl after a guy apparently ran with a girl's bib and chip (cheaters!). Matt Castille ran okay at 30:56, earning the RMcG award for 30:56ness. Prada ran, Tall Matt ran, Greg Hanscom ran, Juhie and Christa ran together. DONNA GOODWIN did her first race EVER. Kendra ran. Ben ran. Tall Matt ran. Sara Spears ran. It appears as if Ben, Kendra and Donna did not wear their chips as they do not appear in race results.


THE KRIS said...

1720 157/237 Donna Goodwin 1215 F 37 BALTIMORE 52:32 55:27

...and i don't think there are so many krises around here that i have to be "old kris".

Dart said...

Yeah, but you only look like you're 28, so we have to remind everyone that you're REALLY old.

RM said...

Yeah, I realized my error after the fact - I was only looking at the first page of results, so my ctrl + F was not finding Kendra or Donna at first. I'll amend the post!

Dart said...

Way to beat all the chicks Ryan! Phew!

Dart said...

No offense ladies - but it's demoralizing. Trust me, you were all kicking my ass the last 3 years