Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We Fly High

So high, you KNOW this...

What a weekend! As per usual, we had a few champions. Dusty Meeker won the Annapolis Cold Turkey 10k, running a 33:43 solo, while Alex Battaglino won the Towson Turkey Run "5k" in 14:54.

Also running the Cold Turkey race were Erik Westlund (7th, 37:31) and Jared Jaskot (22nd, 40:46).

In the Philly Marathon, Andrew Beef Jaffe was 57th in 2:43:28, while John Eisenhardt finished in 3:28:25. Patty Sweeney-Stott ran the half there and clocked a 1:53:44.

But the weekend's big race was Ford Ironman Arizona. As many of you have heard, I, Ryan McGrath, did in fact race there. The conditions were challenging for all and I noticed a good number of people crashed out on the bike course when the winds and rain were whipping. But our very own Clairebear Lears was a true champion out there, gritting it out on the bike. Her swim was unreal - way quicker than I ever thought she would swim, and her run was a blazing 4:35. Total time was 13:35:56, and we were super proud of her strong finish.

This earned Claire the honor of Purple Drink Athlete of the Week!

I'm sure there are many people in racing action this weekend, but since a bunch of the races are taking place outside my normal realm of race results searching, I'll need some help - so if you race, you gotta let me know!

Finally, if you haven't responded to Arjun or Melissa re: Christgiving at their house (Sat 12/11) please let them know if you're going and what you plan on bringing. That weekend is a big one for activities, as Awards Night MMX will be that Sunday around 4:30pm at the Falls Road Running Store.

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fbg said...

I didn't realize that the PDAW is a dictatorship. Do the peasants' voices count for nothing?!?

Sorry, Claire, but I'm going to incite insurrection and insist that you share the honor with our heavy-handed dictator, Ryan "Kim Jong" McGrath.

Dual PDAWs!!!! Dual PDAWs!!!

Great job, both of you.